Odd gifts are presents that are unique and may be one of the greatest ways of showing the importance of a special person. It shows how much time and effort was exerted in order to put together a special and unique gift that reflects just how significant that person is.

Giving odd gifts or unique gifts is more than just giving and receiving gifts. Little do most people know, but gift giving also has an emotional and psychological effect on people and this is even more evident when the gifts is an unusual gift or present of some kind. Being ‘outside the norm’ will focus more attention on any odd gifts one may receive.

Men's Gifts

Giving odd gifts has been shown to cultivate the connection between family and friends with the effect seeming to be more beneficial for the person giving the gift, especially if it is a unique gift that will generate surprise and gratification. This opportunity gives a person a chance to reflect and think about the person he or she intends to give any unusual gifts to and makes him or her realise just how important that certain person really is.

Men are more often than not that sensitive about the type gifts they receive, even odd gifts, so if you are buying a gift for your wife, sister, mother or girlfriend you really need to focus on unique gifts for her.

More benefits of unusual gifts

The art of giving odd gifts provides the opportunity to strengthen relationships and offers a clue to just how significant a person is. According to Dr. McGrath, a person’s gift list says a lot about who are the most important people in a person’s life. This is a good reason to look away from the traditional gifts and find unusual gifts or odd gifts that will say a lot about who YOU are.

Children with odd Gifts

Aside from the importance of giving unusual gifts in the emotional and psychological aspect of a person, gift giving may also provide clues to a person’s personality. It appears that those who are more concerned about other people’s welfare tend to enjoy the art of giving odd gifts and tend to focus more on unique gifts than others do.

Giving odd gifts is an indispensable aspect of human existence, whether it is for birthdays, Christmas or just as a token of affection or a ‘thank you’, unique gifts says more. Gift giving is necessary for the improvement of interpersonal relationships between family and friends that are very important in one’s life.

Children's Gifts

Odd gifts on a budget

However, due to the present low economical status of many people, giving odd gifts has been usually sacrificed to make way for important things like food and daily living expenses. Most people may not view it as an important issue, but the reality is, gift giving can significantly affect interpersonal relationships.

Odd gifts do not need to be expensive in order to be appreciated. Believe it or not, there are a lot of ways on how to show a person’s importance without spending a lot of money.

One of the most effective ways to show someone’s importance is through giving well thought out and unique gifts. This includes odd gifts that show just how much you know a person that can definitely help strengthen bonds.

Odd gifts can be better described as “unusual”, and that doesn’t mean expensive, just different, and the more differentthey are the better. The unique gift can be something that has an emotional connection to the person you are buying the gift for or it can have a rarity or perceived value by the recipient, thus falling into the category of odd gifts.

Choosing Odd Gifts

Choosing unique and odd gifts that reflect just how important a certain person is may not be the easiest thing to do, but there are definitely several ways that may help you choose that perfect gift that will surely be appreciated.

Lady with one of her Gifts

In choosing oddgifts to give, determining what the recipient would highly appreciate is one of the most difficult aspects of gift giving. In a study conducted by Gino and Flinn in 2011, people who would receive unique gifts that they asked for relatively showed more appreciation than when receiving other types of gifts.

This study would be of great help for those who don’t have an idea on what odd gifts to give. In order to help you determine what the receiver wants, talking to a person close to the receiver such as the person’s wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or family member may give you a clue on what the recipient would like to receive. Aside from making the unique gift selection easier, this would also ensure that the recipient would love your gift.

However, what the recipient wants to receive as a gift may not always be within the giver’s budget. In this case, giving odd gifts that are unique or odd that reflects the recipient’s personality may also be highly appreciated just as much as receiving what they want.

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Consider E-Books as unique gifts

In order to determine what unique or odd gifts would be appreciated, it would be necessary to think about the recipient’s personality. Think about what the person loves, like books and music. Knowing the person’s favourite hobby may also be helpful.


Giving odd gifts that are highly useful based on the person’s hobby or interest is a great idea. Giving a gift that can be used while personally enjoying a hobby will surely be appreciated. Many E-books come with video tutorials that are a real bonus for coaching purposes and with these visual aides a better understanding is reached. Please go into our E-book section that we are adding to every week and see if you can find what you are looking for, alternatively, please email me at the Contact Us and let me know just what sort of subject E-Book you are after and let me source a number for you to review.

This applies to just about anything to do with gifts, if you need a second opinion, be it from a man, then by all means contact me and I shall endeavour to assist you. You can be assured that your contact will be answered promptly by myself, Ian McIntosh, and I will do my best to help you.

There are many E-Books on the market covering literally every subject, hobby, interest, DIY, or review you could possibly think of. Consider buying an E-Book that covers the recipients hobby, his or her interests or ambitions, any of these would be considered as odd gifts. The more focused the E-Book on the receivers interests the better it will be received, making E-books unique gifts for Christmas.

An example of this may be an E-Book on Learning Photography such as Learn Digital Photography Now that is a very inexpensive and unique gift that can be downloaded immediately. If however, your intended recipient is an experienced photographer already, then browse through the many Photography E-Books here where you will find excellent E-Books for the amateur through to the professional, books on setting up a photography business through to software use in photography, all of which make ideal odd gifts.

Another great way to determine what he or she loves is to pay close attention to what the recipient usually buys. This is a strong yet simple indicator of what the recipient is into and you are sure to find an E-Book on this too.

Hard and Soft Cover books also make good odd gifts

Gift packaged book

It may be that you are unsure of E-Books and want something that is more tangible, like a soft or hard covered book. You can go here and this will take you through to many books that may well suit your tastes and requirements for unique gift ideas.

Personalizing your odd gifts

Aside from the recipient’s personality, adding your own personal touch would definitely be highly appreciated. Personalising odd gifts can make them stand out from the rest as unusual gift ideas. No matter what the gift is, putting your own personal touch makes the recipient feel extra special because of the time and effort you put into the unique gift.

This can be achieved by making something for the recipient whereby you put your own personality on display as well. This is usually recommended for children or those who are financially disadvantaged who are keen to give odd gifts that will stand out and be well received and remembered.

Odd Gifts summary


Giving  odd gifts or unusual presents at any time and for any occasion is a great idea. It does not only ensure uniqueness, but these types of unique gifts may also showcase your own sense of humour. Giving unique gifts especially to close friends can definitely lighten up the mood and give joy not only to the recipient but to others as well.

These are just some gift ideas that can definitely help you determine the odd gifts to give a special someone. Giving personalised, useful, unique and odd gifts does not only make the recipient feel special, but these gifts can definitely help strengthen friendship and family ties.


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